Beach Regulations



  • Gas and electric grills are only permitted on decks of single-family homes. Do not use grills on decks or balconies of condos or villas.

  • No open fires or fireworks are allowed at any time except those permitted by the Town.


  • Strong rip currents are common. Swim with caution. Charleston County Parks and Recreation provides lifeguards at Beachwalker County Park.

  • No wading/swimming in Captain Sam’s Inlet. (western end of the island)

  • No glass, metal shovels, plastic carryout bags, plastic straws, Styrofoam, or balloons are allowed.

  • Stay off the dunes and use public walkovers.

  • No overnight storage of beach equipment (tents, chairs, toys, etc.).

  • No open fires or fireworks are allowed at any time except ones permitted by the Town. Fireworks are subject to confiscation.

  • No littering. Use waste receptacles at beach accesses.

  • No vehicles allowed on the beach except emergency and authorized vehicles.

  • Public nudity is prohibited.

  • No sleeping on beaches after dark is prohibited

  • No launching, retrieving, and beaching of motorized vessels including jet skis are prohibited except for authorized vessels.

  • Bikes are allowed on the beach but must be walked across boardwalks. Bikes must be stored overnight in an appropriate storage location where the bikes cannot be visible from the street or adjoining property.

  • Commercial business is prohibited on the beach except under license from the Town.

  • Fishing – A saltwater fishing license is required for all recreational fishing. Licenses can be obtained at Seacoast Sports and Outfitters 843-768-8486 (Freshfields Village), Bohicket Marina 843-768-1280, or online at

  • Never approach sea turtles, hatchlings, or their nests. Sea turtles are an endangered species. Do not interfere with them in any way.

  • May through October – all outdoor lighting visible from the beachfront should be turned off from 9 p.m. to dawn to protect nesting sea turtles. Hatchling turtles are disorientated by artificial light. Fill holes dug in the sand before you leave the beach. If you see any adult sea turtles or hatchings call 843-768-9166 to report your sighting.


  • Private motorcycles, mopeds, Segways, motorized scooters, motorized bicycles, and similar motorized vehicles are prohibited.

  • Use the bike paths for biking, jogging or skating. Biking and jogging on roadways is prohibited when there is a designated bike path present.

  • Bicycles, skates, and skateboards are not permitted on the roads or golf cart paths but may be used on bike paths and trails.

  • Obey speed limits. Watch out for pedestrians, bikers, golfers, skaters, and wildlife, and deer.

  • Golf carts are prohibited on Kiawah roads or leisure trails.

  • Overnight parking must be off-street.


  • Vehicles must be parked in a garage or driveway with a 25-foot clearance to the residence.

  • Parking on the grass or landscaped areas is prohibited.

  • Overnight parking must be off-street.


  • Never approach, feed or taunt alligators. It’s the law and strictly enforced. Kiawah Island is home to a very healthy population of American alligators that can be seen in almost all of the 183 brackish and freshwater ponds interspersed throughout the island. For that reason, never swim or allow pets to swim in any of the island ponds and stay away from pond edges. Alligators may be present.

  • Kiawah Island serves as a vital nesting beach for loggerhead turtles. Do not approach or disturb nesting turtles and abstain from shining lights at them. Loggerheads are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act and are protected by federal and state laws. May thru October – all outdoor lighting visible from the beachfront should be turned off from 9 p.m. to dawn to protect nesting sea turtles.


  • No clothing or towels are permitted to be draped over deck railings.

  • Bicycles and beach gear must be stored in a garage or enclosure. There is a $1000 FINE for each violation.


  • Noise ordinance in effect from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily.


  • Outdoor lighting for all other dwellings shall be turned off from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily.

  • May thru October – all outdoor lighting visible from the beachfront should be turned off from 9 p.m. to dawn to protect nesting sea turtles.


  • Boardwalk 1: Handicap Accessible Boardwalk at Duneside Villas between #1116 and #1118, mile marker 0.20.
  • Boardwalk 5: Private Handicap Accessible Boardwalk for guests of Shipwatch Villas, mile marker 0.56.
  • Boardwalk 9: Ramped Handicap Accessible Boardwalk adjacent to the property owners’ pool, mile marker 0.80.
  • Boardwalk 10: Handicap Accessible Ramp at Eugenia Ave. between #41 and #43A, mile marker 1.10.
  • Boardwalk 12: Handicap Accessible Boardwalk at Eugenia Ave. between Eugenia #41 and #43A, mile marker 1.33.
  • Boardwalk 18: Handicap Accessible Boardwalk between Mariners Watch Villas and Windswept Villas
  • Boardwalk 22: Ramped Handicap Accessible Boardwalk at Windswept Villas Highrise, building #5100.
  • Boardwalk 27: Ramped Handicap Accessible Boardwalk at Turtle Point Villas, 1st entrance on the west end.
  • Boardwalk 30: Handicap Accessible Boardwalk on Nicklaus Lane between #9 and #12 on the east end, mile marker 3.00.
  • Kiawah Beachwalker Park: Public Park with Handicap Accessible Boardwalk and Ramp, located at the west end of the island. Please note: there is an admission fee at this section of the beach.

The town of Kiawah Island has promulgated these rules in the interest of the safety of all property owners and rental guests, of wildlife preservation and of property protection. Please abide by the rules and enjoy your stay on Kiawah Island. Violations of these provisions could result in fines.

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