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How To Spot Loggerhead Sea Turtles on Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island is known as a top destination for luxury living in harmony with nature. Our beautiful barrier island encompasses 10,000 acres of lush Lowcountry landscapes and over ten miles of pristine Atlantic coastline. This region boasts a lush diversity of well preserved habitats and intricate ecosystems, perfect for wildlife to flourish and thrive.

Kiawah Island happens to be one of America’s most vital nesting grounds for the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle. These adorable creatures return to these warm Atlantic waters each year to continue the cycle of nesting and hatching on Kiawah Island. Loggerhead Sea Turtles travel and migrate thousands of miles between their current feeding grounds and original nesting areas.

When making their way from the nest to the ocean, sea turtle hatchlings go through a natural process called imprinting, where they form a magnetic mind map that enables them to navigate their way back to the same geomagnetic location as mature adults to return home and nest. 

Sea Turtle Season on Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island’s sea turtle season begins in mid-May and continues through October.

The male turtles rarely leave the ocean while the female, guided by the moonlight, swims to shore to dig her nests. The nesting process is exhausting, stressful, and time consuming. This process should be respected, and should never be disturbed!

In the light of the moon, the female drags herself up the beach, uses her hind flippers to dig a hole about 2-3 feet deep, lays around 130 eggs, covers the nest for incubation, and tracks her way back to the ocean. Each female lays an average of 4 to 5 nests each season.

The sea turtle hatching season begins around mid-July.

Interestingly, the temperature of the sand affects the gender of the hatchling – cooler nest temperatures produce males, and warmer temps produce female hatchlings. After an incubation period of approximately 2 months, the baby loggerheads team up to dig their way up through the sand to begin their first journey into the ocean. They will remain in the ocean, traveling around, until they return home again to repeat the nesting cycle on Kiawah Island.

How to Spot a Loggerhead Turtle

Loggerheads are the most common of the four turtle species found in South Carolina. Their distinctive features are easy to spot, making any novice wildlife viewer an expert in identifying them.

The name “Loggerhead” comes from the sea turtle’s wide block shaped head and powerful jaws that can crush a crab in one bite! They are the largest of the hard-shell turtles, reaching an average of 3-4 feet in length and a massive 300 pounds in weight. They have a reddish-brown hard shell that slightly resembles the shape of a heart, a pale yellow bottom shell, four flippers, and large spots covering their head and flippers. 

Where to Spot Loggerhead Turtles on Kiawah Island

The nesting habits of Loggerhead sea turtles align with their strong survival instincts. Most of their time is spent in the coastal waters around Kiawah Island. The males remain in the ocean and the females rarely come to shore except to lay their eggs in the early morning before sunrise or by the light of the moon. 

During nesting and hatching season, it’s easy to spot the distinct markings and tracks in the sand and well-marked nest sites in the dune line along Kiawah Island’s 10-mile stretch of beach. For the ultimate sea turtle experience, tag along with the team of volunteers at the Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol.

Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol

The Loggerhead sea turtle is one of seven species of marine turtles still in existence today and remains in constant danger of extinction. In 1978, the loggerhead sea turtle was listed as a threatened species under the US Federal Endangered Species Act and the State Nongame Act. 

Established in 1973, Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol is one of the largest turtle patrol volunteer programs in the United States with a goal to protect and preserve the loggerheads that return to Kiawah Island year after year.

Sea turtles and their hatchlings have many natural threats, including the local wildlife on Kiawah Island. It’s a labor of love for the trained volunteers at Turtle Patrol, local Kiawah residents, and many of our guests who return each year to volunteer!

The Turtle Truck patrols the beaches each morning during nesting season to monitor and protect the nests, and hatchling patrols begin in July to watch for activity and protect the emerging hatchlings as they make their way to the ocean. The Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol always welcome volunteers to join their patrols. Don’t be afraid to reach out to see how to you can help, they’re always looking for enthusiastic volunteers.

Sea Turtle Care Center

If you’re eager to gain a deeper understanding of the sea turtles of South Carolina, a visit to the Sea Turtle Care Center at the South Carolina Aquarium in historic Charleston is a must-do!

The Sea Turtle Care Center’s mission is to educate and inspire the conservation of sea turtles and aid in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of these magnificent creatures back into our ocean waters.

Help Keep Our Kiawah Island Turtles Safe

During your stay on Kiawah Island, please help us keep our Kiawah Island sea turtles safe and protected. If you’re lucky enough to encounter a sea turtle, simply stay away, observe from a distance, and report any unmarked nests, emerging hatchlings, or injured sea turtles to the Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol at (843) 768-9166.

Stay Off the Dunes: It is against the law to walk or bike on the sand dunes, remove any vegetation, and touch or disturb sea turtles, their nests, or baby hatchlings. The result is a hefty fine! 

Do Not Dig: Avoid digging holes or building sandcastles on the beach as you may uncover a nesting site or trap hatchlings on their way to the ocean. 

Switch Off Lights: Sea turtles are guided by the moonlight and artificial lighting can disturb and disorientate the nesting turtles and their hatchlings. Do not use flashlights, lanterns, or flash photography on the beaches, and during sea turtle season all lights visible from the beach must be turned off between 9 PM and dawn.

Keep Pets Leashed: Kiawah Island’s beaches are pet-friendly, but your beloved pets are also predators of our local wildlife. Please keep your pets leashed if you encounter sea turtles or any wildlife during your adventures on the island. 

Leave Only Footprints: The beaches on Kiawah Island are a protected habitat for an abundance of birdlife, wildlife, and marine life. PLEASE leave only footprints behind! 

Stay With Kiawah Exclusives

The best place for watching sea turtles and hatchlings on Kiawah Island is only a click away with Kiawah Exclusives. We represent an exclusive collection of the finest oceanfront rentals on Kiawah Island with luxury amenities, sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, boardwalks to the beach, and only steps to the ultimate dolphin watching and Loggerhead sea turtle experiences on Kiawah Island. 

From oceanfront villas for two to luxurious Lowcountry plantation homes equipped for large groups, you’ll find a place to stay along with exceptional guest services and warm southern hospitality with Kiawah Exclusives. Book direct online or give our team a call at (843) 768-0273 today!

A Guide to The Neighborhoods on Kiawah Island

Escape to the sandy shores and stunning natural beauty of Kiawah Island, a private barrier island located just southwest of Charleston, South Carolina. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast looking to hit one of the island’s many championship courses, an adventurer seeking to explore the great outdoors, or a lover of quiet natural beaches, there’s something for everyone here on Kiawah Island. 

Kiawah Island is the perfect place to relax and unwind, but with so many options for where to stay on this tropical paradise, it can be tough to decide. That’s where our team at Kiawah Exclusives comes in! Our guide to the neighborhoods on Kiawah Island has all the information and insider tips you need to help you find the perfect place to call home during your vacation. 

Kiawah Island encompasses 10,000 acres divided into private club communities and three main neighborhoods: West Beach Village, East Beach Village, and the exclusive gated community of Vanderhorst Plantation. Wherever you choose to stay on Kiawah Island, each neighborhood offers miles of scenic, connected biking trails to get around the island and numerous boardwalks to 10 miles of sandy shoreline at Beachwalker Park!


Beach Boardwalk 1 – 15

West Beach Village is Kiawah Island’s oldest and original community and the closest neighborhood to the Main Gate entrance to Kiawah Island and the amenities at Beachwalker Park. West Beach runs from the west end of the island along the iconic moss-draped Eugenia Avenue to East Beach Village with options for beachfront rentals or quiet villa communities lining the fairways of the Cougar Point Golf Course. 

Developed in the 1970s, West Beach Village has retained its old-world charm and is more laid-back than neighboring East Beach Village. Aside from convenient access to Freshfields Village and Kiawah Island’s award-winning Beachwalker Park, the Gary Player designed Cougar Point Golf Course and newly designed clubhouse is the standout attraction in the West Beach neighborhood. 

If you want to have some peace and quiet while still being close to the action, West Beach Village is the perfect balance of peace and convenience and is the perfect spot on Kiawah Island for you!

Villas & Cottages in West Beach Village

Duneside Villas

Oceanfront Kiawah Island Villas – Beach access at Boardwalk #1-2Pool access at Duneside Community Pool 

Inlet Cove Cottages

Kiawah Island Golf Cottages – Beach access at Boardwalk #1Pool access at Inlet Cove Community Pool 

Seascape Villas

Kiawah Island Oceanside & Oceanfront Villas Beach access at Boardwalk #7No community pool access 

Shipwatch Villas

Oceanfront Kiawah Island Villas – Beach access at Boardwalk #5-6No community pool access 

Sparrow Pond Cottages

Kiawah Island Lagoon View Villas – Beach access at Boardwalk #1-2Pool access at Duneside & Sparrow Pond Community Pool


Beach Boardwalk 16 – 30

Anchored by the Forbes 5-star Sanctuary Hotel and Night Heron Park, East Beach Village lies in the heart of Kiawah Island between West Beach Village and Vanderhorst Plantation. If you’re planning an action-packed vacation to Kiawah Island, staying in East Beach puts you in the center of the island’s best nature activities, on-island shops and restaurants, and steps to the beautiful beaches on Kiawah Island.    

East Beach Village is home to the Turtle Point Golf Course by Jack Nicklaus, the award-winning Roy Barth Tennis Center, and Night Heron Park, a tranquil 21-acre maritime park with pools, bike paths and nature trails, eco-tours and activities, summer kids camps, and endless family fun

Between Night Heron Park and the legendary Sanctuary Hotel, you’ll find a variety of shops, laid-back and upscale restaurants, a world-class spa, and a wide selection of villas, coastal cottages, and private homes to stay in the heart of the action on Kiawah Island.

Villas, Cottages & Beach Homes in East Beach Village

Atlantic Beach Homes

Private Beach Homes – Beach access at Boardwalk #28 and 29 – Community pool access 

Mariners Watch Villas

Oceanfront Villas near Night Heron ParkBeach access at Boardwalk #17-18No community pool access 

Night Heron Cottages

3 Bedroom Night Heron CottagesBeach access at Boardwalks #17-18No community pool access 

Parkside Villas

Lakeside Villas in Night Heron ParkBeach access at Boardwalk #22No community pool access 

Tennis Club Villas

Kiawah Island Tennis VillaBeach access at Boardwalk #27No community pool access 

Turtle Cove Villas

Kiawah Island Lagoon Villas – Beach access at Boardwalk #27No community pool access 

Turtle Point Villas

2 & 3 Bedroom Kiawah Island Golf Course VillasBeach access at Boardwalk #28-29No community pool access 

Windswept Oceanfront Villas & Windswept Lakeside Villas

Oceanfront & Oceanside Villas near The SanctuaryBeach access at Boardwalk #18-22No community pool access


Beach Boardwalk 30 – 42

Vanderhorst is an exclusive gated community beyond Kiawah Island’s second set of gates on the island’s east end. Vanderhorst Plantation is known for its secluded natural setting, pristine beaches, abundance of wildlife, and the Tom Fazio Osprey Point Golf Course and world-famous PGA Ocean Course, boasting the most seaside holes in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Situated only a short bike ride from the bustle of East Beach Village, Vanderhorst Plantation is the ultimate destination for a classic Lowcountry island escape. This exclusive neighborhood boasts marshlands, maritime forests, and nature preserves teeming with birdlife and wildlife, fishing ponds and lagoons, beautiful stretches of remote Atlantic Coast shoreline, and elegant private plantation-style homes that set the tone for luxurious Lowcountry living.  

Our selection of private Vanderhorst Plantation vacation homes come loaded with sought-after amenities like designer interiors, gourmet kitchens, swimming pools, private docks, and elevators – topped off with breathtaking views of the ocean, marsh, golf course, lagoon, or lush maritime forests to enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than the Lowcountry lifestyle in Vanderhorst Plantation!

Ready to plan your dream vacation to Kiawah Island? Start by browsing our luxury rental properties online or, if you’re still undecided on where to stay on Kiawah Island, give our local on-island team a call at (843) 768-0273

For an extended stay, check out our selection of monthly Kiawah Island rentals, or if you’ve been dreaming of owning your own Lowcountry retreat on Kiawah Island, our real estate partner Pam Harrington Exclusives can make that dream come true! Just reach out to our team and let us know how we can help plan your experience on Kiawah Island, SC.

Childcare & Babysitting Options On Kiawah Island 

Welcome to the ultimate family-friendly paradise on South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, where a vacation isn’t just a break for busy parents but an exhilarating adventure for the little tots and teens too.

There are no limits to the family fun that awaits on Kiawah Island! Our beautiful barrier island boasts 10 miles of stunning sandy beaches with warm ocean waters, award-winning golf and tennis facilities for family play, and a plethora of childcare and babysitting options that will leave your little (and big) explorers grinning from ear to ear! Kiawah Island offers a haven where kids can be kids and parents can rediscover the joy of uninterrupted leisure.


Night Heron Park is a hub for family fun and outdoor exploration! The Heron Park Nature Center offers an action-packed calendar of tours and activities for even the youngest vacationers, an interactive pool complex with a children’s pool and family pool, sports courts, nature trails for exploration, an art center for crafty kids, and seasonal weekday camps that will keep the kids entertained while you indulge in adult time!

Camp Kiawah for Kids

Location: Night Heron Park Pavilion, 4000 Sea Forest Drive
Phone: (843) 768-6001
Date: Memorial Day – Labor Day

Unleash your child’s inner adventurer at Camp Kiawah in Kiawah Resorts Night Heron Park! These incredible day camps immerse kids from as young as 3 years up to 15 years in a world of discovery, excitement, and imagination within the unique natural environment of Kiawah Island. Kiawah Resort offers three seasonal kids camps with morning, afternoon, or full-day sessions staffed with fun and dedicated counselors from across the US, and a comforting ratio of kids to counselors. Camps meet near the Heron Park Nature Center at Night Heron Park. Please note that pricing is valid for the 2023 summer season. Call (843) 768-6001 for Kid Camp reservations.

Kamp Kiawah (Ages 3-7)

Morning | 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM | $60 for guests
Afternoon | 1 PM to 4 PM | $50 for guests 
Full Day | 8:30 AM to 4 PM | $100 for guests, including lunch 

Kamp Kiawah is a traditional themed day camp with games, crafts, and snacks for the little tikes in the family! You can rest assured that the highly-trained staff will ensure your child’s safety and happiness throughout their camp experience. They’ll be eager to come back every year to climb the ranks of Kiawah Island’s amazing kid’s camps!

Camp Xtreme (Ages 8-13)

Morning | 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM | $60 for guests
Afternoon | 1 PM to 4 PM | $50 for guests 
Full Day | 8:30 AM to 4 PM | $100 for guests, including lunch 

For those little daredevils and thrill-seekers, Camp Xtreme is the place to spend summer! The camp is packed with high-energy outdoor adventures, competitive basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse sports games, scavenger hunts, and team-building activities to encourage self-confidence and seed new friendships.

Adventure Camp (Ages 8-15)

Full Day | 8:30 AM to 4 PM | $145 for guests, including lunch

At Kiawah Resort’s Adventure Camp, it’s all about exploring nature, learning new skills, and connecting with like-minded kids their age! From kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and boogie boarding in the ocean to archery, nature tours, and biking adventures, Adventure Camp is a sure bet to get the older kids off their screens and out in the South Carolina sunshine!

Kids Night Out (Ages 5-12)

Sanctuary Splash Bash | Every Tuesday 6 PM to 9 PM
Dive In Movie | Every Thursday 6 PM to 9 PM 
Pricing: $80 for guests, including dinner

This is your chance for a sunset cruise or intimate date night at the oceanfront Sanctuary Hotel! With new friends and new-found experiences, they’ll beg you to drop them at Kiawah Island’s Kids Night Out! Every Tuesday evening, kids gather for Sanctuary Splash Bash with pizza, pool, and FUN at the Sanctuary indoor pool, or drop them off for Thursday’s “Dive in Movie” at the pool complex in West Beach Village. The Loggerhead Bar & Grill at the Sanctuary Hotel also hosts a Dive-In Movie night every Friday, for the whole family! 

Teen Night: Messy Night (Ages 12-17)

Location: Night Heron Park Pavilion, 4000 Sea Forest Drive
Dates: Every Monday 7 PM to 8 PM 
Pricing: FREE!

Teen Night: Messy Night is for the older kids ages 12-17! Teen Night is a FREE fun night of messy games and team-building challenges on the soccer field at Night Heron Park. No reservations are required, your teens can just show up at Night Heron Park and have fun.


Kiawah Island Golf Coaching

Location: Turtle Point Golf Course, 2 Turtle Point Lane
Phone: (843) 266-4050
Dates: June through August

Calling all golf enthusiasts! Kiawah Island offers family tee times in the summer at Osprey Point, Cougar Point, Turtle Point, and Oak Point Golf Course and exceptional golf coaching programs for every age and skill level at the renowned Tommy Cuthbert Golf Learning Center at Turtle Point, one of the best golf academies in the nation. The center offers private and semi-private instruction with PGA-certified pros, coaching programs, and junior golf clinics for ages 7-17 throughout the summer season.

Call (843) 266-4050 for current pricing and reservations.   

Roy Barth Tennis Center

Location: 1 Sanctuary Beach Dr, Kiawah Island
Phone: (843) 768-2838
Dates: May 23 to September 2, 2023

Tennis lovers will find world-class tennis facilities and junior tennis instruction programs at the Roy Barth Tennis Center near the Sanctuary Hotel in East Beach Village. Junior programs camps (ages 7-16) are held Monday through Friday all summer and include 1-hour Stroke-a-day Clinics, five-day Junior Tennis Camps, Pickleball Camps, and Tough Workout Clinics for competitive junior tournament-ranked players looking to improve their play (minimum age of 10). You can get stuck into your favorite book on the shaded deck, or sneak off for a spa session at the luxurious award-winning Sanctuary Spa, right next door!

Call (843) 266-4050 for current tennis program pricing and reservations.


Kiawah Babysitter

Phone: (609) 774-4130
Email: kiawahbabysitter@gmail.com

For trustworthy care at your convenience, call the Kiawah Babysitter! Kiawah Babysitter is a local babysitting service that connects you with experienced, background-checked babysitters to keep your children entertained and safe at home! Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your kids are in capable hands while you walk the fairways, wine and dine at resort restaurants, or recapture the romance at a 21+ event on Kiawah Island!

Perfectly Poppins

Phone: (843) 898-0707 

For a truly personalized childcare experience, Perfectly Poppins Concierge Childcare offers high-quality babysitting and childcare services in the comfort of your Kiawah Island vacation rental home. Specializing in children 6 months to 12 years old, Perfectly Poppins professional childcare providers encourage children to discover, learn, and play, and will even plan a Palooza Party (family game night), painting party for the kids, or a customized event to celebrate a special occasion during your stay. The process starts with a complimentary consultation with owner Michelle Barbera to find a nanny that meets the childcare needs of your family, perfectly!


Your Premier Vacation Rental Company!

Questions about Kiawah Island? Browse our exclusive collection of Kiawah Island vacation rentals, explore the best of Kiawah Island in our Exclusives Guide, get travel tips from our Vacation Blog, or call our team of expert vacation planners at (843) 768-0273 to customize your stay.

Book direct online or call one of our Kiawah Island vacation specialists on (843) 768-0273 today to match you with the Kiawah Island vacation home of your dreams.

6 Tips To Host Your Family Reunion On Kiawah Island 

Planning a family reunion is not always smooth sailing but there’s one thing we can be sure of – your reunion will be stunning in the South Carolina sea islands.

With its spectacular Lowcountry setting, southern charm and hospitality, abundance of activities, and luxury island accommodations, Kiawah Island is the perfect destination for a fun-filled family reunion. Spend family days reconnecting with loved ones, filling your days with old-fashioned outdoor fun, feasting on family favorites, and creating cherished family memories, or perhaps a new tradition for generations to come, on Kiawah Island. 

We love seeing families coming together on Kiawah Island and our team is here to help you brace the choppy waters and plan your reunion smoothly every step of the way!

#1 Pick Your Family Reunion Dates

When it comes to planning your family reunion on Kiawah Island, the best time to visit will depend on your family’s unique style and preferences. The weather on Kiawah Island is beautiful year-round making it an excellent destination for a fun-filled family reunion in any season. Spring sees high 60s to low 80s, summer can get hot in the high 80s to low 90s, and the fall and winter temperatures are mild with beautiful warm days and cool evenings to get cozy! 

For beach lovers, the “official” beach season is April 1st through September 30th with the ocean water warming up for swimming in mid-May, around the same time the turtles begin to nest on Kiawah Island. Kiawah Island’s world-class golf courses, eco-tours, and luxury resort amenities are open year-round – or plan your family reunion around a classic Lowcountry event.

#2 Coordinate Travel & Arrange Transportation

Whether your family members are coming from the east or west coast, Kiawah Island is an easily accessible destination for air travel. Kiawah Island is located only 30 miles south of Charleston International Airport which is served with regular non-stop flights by most major US airlines. On arrival, rental cars are readily available at the airport, taxis operate daily from 5 am until the last flight, Charleston Limo & Car Service provides private and group transportation to Kiawah, or reserve a ride with a local at Kiawah’s Island Transportation.  

#3 Find the Best Kiawah Island Neighborhood

Kiawah Island is only 10 miles long and 1.5 miles wide at its widest point, and nearly 20% of the island is water! The island comprises three main neighborhoods – the quieter West Beach Village, the central hub in East Beach Village, and Vanderhorst Plantation, an exclusive gated community on the east end of the island.  Browse our Kiawah Island Neighborhood Guide to find the spot that suits your style for your family reunion on Kiawah Island.  

Our exclusive collection of Kiawah Island vacation rentals ranges from quiet community complexes where each generation can carve out their own personal space to luxury 8-bedroom Vanderhorst plantation homes for those close-knit families that like to stay (and play!) together under one roof! With views ranging from golf course to Atlantic Ocean and luxury amenities like gourmet kitchens, personal bathrooms, fun bunk and games rooms for the kids, and private swimming pools and spas – our family reunion vacation rentals cater to the whole crew!  

#4 Plan Your Family Reunion Activities

Kiawah Island naturally inspires time for rest, rejuvenation, and reconnection. There are no bright bustling boardwalks, big box retail parks, or entertainment extravaganzas – Kiawah Island is a destination with outdoor family reunion activities inspired by nature and the lush Lowcountry landscapes of South Carolina’s beautiful barrier islands. Now you have an idea of where to stay, it’s time to plan where to play! 

  • Moss-Draped Bike Paths

Planning your bike rentals is the first step for your family reunion activities – it’s how we get around here even on the beach! Everything you’ll want to see and do on Kiawah Island is connected by our 30+ mile network of scenic, shaded, and flat bike paths that are easy for the whole family to ride! Surfscooter Bike Rentals are island based and have all the bike rentals and gear for the whole family, delivered directly to your vacation rental for a hassle-free family reunion (5% discount for guests of Kiawah Exclusives). 

  • Nature-Filled Beach Days

Kiawah Island offers beach adventures of a different kind – watch dolphins surfing the waves and turtles nesting in the dunes, and enjoy miles of secluded shoreline for beach walks, bike rides, picnics, and breathtakingly scenic sunsets. Award-winning Beachwalker Park ranks among the best in the country with 10 miles of wide sandy beaches, gentle waters for the kids, and local services that will even set up all your beach gear rentals on the nearest boardwalk – nothing beats a family reunion at the beach! 

  • Fishing Charters

With endless coastal lagoons, ponds, rivers, and tidal creeks, Gramps has plenty of opportunity to teach the little ones his fishing tips and tricks on Kiawah Island. Stay creekside to fish from home, bike ride to the docks at Bass Pond and Blue Heron Pond for family fishing and crabbing adventures, or book a local fishing charter around the barrier islands. Our Guide to Fishing Charters on Kiawah Island highlights the best family fishing trips on the island. 

  • Eco-Friendly Nature Activities

Night Heron Park encompasses 21 acres in the heart of East Beach Village with nature trails, fishing ponds, swimming pools, restaurants, and a nature center with a seemingly endless list of guided nature tours and activities. There is something to attract every age, ability, and adventure level – including easygoing activities for seniors, fun family-focused activities, teen adventures, nature-inspired kid’s camps (ages 3 to 15), rainy day activities, and so much more! Call (843) 768-6001 to make reservations for your family reunion activities at Night Heron Nature Center.    

  • Game Time

Whether you’re a family of golfers or prefer to swing a paddle on the pickleball court, Kiawah is a destination that delights all sports lovers. Kiawah Island has received endless awards and accolades for its award-winning golf courses and tennis facilities, including the world-famous PGA Ocean Course and Roy Barth Tennis Center. Register the little ones for lessons while you enjoy adult game time or book a court or tee time to connect (and compete!) as a family.

#5 Make A Meal Planner

With so many mouths to feed and potential fussy kids to consider, putting together a meal plan for your family reunion can be daunting! The first step is to find a healthy balance between sharing home-cooked meals or barbeques around the table (or picnics on the beach!) and discovering the fresh flavors of Lowcountry cooking at a local restaurant. The Kiawah Dining Collection ranges from casual cantinas and cafes to fine dining experiences at the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Freshfields Village features a wide selection of fantastic family restaurants, and our exclusive collection of island rentals are equipped with kitchens that inspire creativity for the chef in your crew!

#6 Create Cherished Family Memories with Kiawah Exclusives 

Your family reunion is in safe hands and cherished moments await when you stay with Kiawah Exclusives. We have been locally operated since 1978, our collection includes 100+ of the finest vacation rentals on Kiawah, and our team is simply a call away to share our local expertise with you. We have an intimate knowledge of each vacation rental home to match you with the perfect fit and a treasure trove of tips to help you plan a fun-filled family reunion on Kiawah Island. Browse our collection of vacation rentals online or call our on-island team at (843) 768-0273 to start planning your reunion on Kiawah Island today!

Kiawah Exclusives Offers Unique Characteristics to Suit Your Needs

Our exclusive collection of rentals offers a variety of homes with unique characteristics to suit your needs. Whether you prefer home-cooked meals made with high-end appliances, or want to enjoy quality time with your family around the dining table, Kiawah Exclusives offers 100+ luxury vacation rentals with the finest kitchens on Kiawah Island!

Art Galleries & Events On Kiawah Island 2023

Situated only 25 miles from Charleston, Kiawah Island is a luxurious island retreat renowned for its coastal charm, natural beauty, and inspiring Lowcountry lifestyle. Kiawah is home to 10 miles of the most beautiful beaches on the South Carolina coastline, tranquil waterways and trails adorned with Spanish moss swaying from ancient live oaks, world-class resort amenities, and endless adventures for the whole family. 

From the cobblestone streets of charming Charleston to the beautiful barrier islands of Kiawah and Seabrook Island, the historic architecture and natural landscapes of the South Carolina Lowcountry have been inspiring artists and art lovers for decades. 

Top up your Kiawah Island vacation itinerary with local art events and experiences that will enrich your mind with both the natural beauty and artistic culture of South Carolina’s Lowcountry.


Wells Gallery at The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

Situated in The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, The Wells Gallery represents an ever-changing collection of Kiawah Island fine art showcasing some of the nation’s most notable artists. The exhibits cover a wide range of artistic styles and talents from original oil paintings and watercolors to contemporary sculptures and glasswork. Every Thursday in September & October, The Wells Gallery hosts an art walk and wine-tasting event, Art Uncorked, at the Jasmine Porch.

Patricia Reno Huff Gallery & Art Studio

Freshfields Village

Patricia Reno Huff is a local Seabrook Island artist with a small gallery and art studio in Freshfields Village at the intersection of Kiawah and Seabrook Island. Patricia captures the beauty of the Lowcountry in her oil paintings and offers daily art instruction and art workshops on Kiawah Island for all aspiring artists.

Turtle’s Nest Art Studio

Night Heron Park Nature Center

Create your own Lowcountry artwork and memoirs of your vacation on Kiawah Island at the Turtle’s Nest Art Studio in the Nature Center at Night Heron Park. Visit during open studio hours, schedule an art class, join a family art session, or reserve the studio for a private art party. From glass fusing and pottery projects to wood crafts and canvas paintings, the Turtle’s Nest Art Studio is a classic Kiawah Island attraction for creatives.


Freshfields Village Annual Art Walk

February 2023

Freshfields Village is Kiawah Island’s hot spot for shopping, dining, and fun festivals and events! The Annual Art Walk at Freshfields Village is one of the finest events in the Lowcountry with live art demonstrations, art and craft exhibits, and live jazz around the open-air village. It’s the month of love, so end the evening with romantic alfresco dining at one of Freshfields’ outdoor patios.

Kiawah Island Art and House Tour

14 April 2023

The Annual Kiawah Island Art and House Tour is a self-guided tour offering a rare glimpse into five luxurious Lowcountry homes in five different neighborhoods on Kiawah Island. These hand-picked homes feature unique architectural designs, stunning island views, and impressive and unique art collections. Tickets are available for purchase online or can be picked up locally at The Sanctuary and Freshfields Village.

Art and Artisan Showcase

April & November 2023

The Art and Artisan Showcase is a Kiawah Island community event at the oceanfront Sandcastle Community Clubhouse. This two-day event is free and open to the public on Saturday with a beautiful selection of photography, pottery, jewelry, home design, original paintings, and creative crafts and collectibles by local Kiawah Island artists and artisans.

Spoleto Festival

May 26 to June 11, 2023

The world-famous Spoleto Festival in Charleston’s Waterfront Park is one of America’s top festivals with hundreds of events centered around both performing and visual arts. The annual festival features an open-air exhibition of fine arts and artisan crafts in the park, and a juried art exhibition at Charleston’s City Gallery, highlighting South Carolina’s best artists of all art styles and subject matter.

Charleston Gallery Walk

Charleston is America’s original artists’ colony and home to endless fine art galleries, open artist studios, and art museums filled with historic arts and crafts from centuries past. Take a day trip to Charleston for the First Friday Artwalk, or explore at your own pace. Stroll the historic streets of Gallery Row on historic Broad Street and the French Quarter on the Charleston waterfront on a self-guided Art Walk of Charleston’s finest art galleries, studios, and museums.


Whether you’re inspired by oceanscapes and sealife, lush maritime forests and marshlands, or golf course photography or art, you’ll find a luxury artist escape with Kiawah Exclusives to create from the comfort of home. 

We pride ourselves on offering an exclusive collection of the finest vacation rentals on Kiawah Island including coastal cottages, vacation villas, and private pool homes in West Beach Village, East Beach Village, and through the second gates in the seclusion of Vanderhorst Plantation. 

Our team has been locally operated for 44 years! We know the unique characteristics of each home in our hand-picked portfolio right down to views for the perfect painting, and the local Lowcountry artwork and crafts within the home. Browse and book online or call our team today at (843) 768-0273 to help you plan your vacation to Kiawah Island.

Top 4 Reasons To Visit Beachwalker Park

Situated only 25 miles from Charleston, Kiawah Island is internationally recognized for its award-winning resort amenities ranging from world-class championship golf courses and highly-acclaimed tennis centers to luxurious Lowcountry dining, and miles upon miles of unspoiled, uncrowded, and natural barrier island beaches. 

Consistently ranked one of Dr. Beach’s Top 10 Beaches in America, Kiawah Beachwalker Park is a tropical beach paradise unlike any other on the South Carolina coastline. The shoreline stretches uninterrupted for 10 miles from Captain Sams Inlet on the west end of the island to the Ocean Course in Vanderhorst on the eastern tip of Kiawah Island with unique beach activities for the whole family, including your dog!    

Kiawah Beachwalker Park is the only public access point to the private beaches on Kiawah Island. There is a paved parking area with a small admission fee between Memorial Day and Labor Day and free parking in the off-season, outstanding amenities for a beach day, and a wide, wheel-chair accessible boardwalk through the coastal forests down to the Atlantic shoreline and the tidal inlets of the Kiawah River. Whatever paradise means to you, you’ll find your beach paradise at Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island.  


Kiawah Beachwalker Park boasts outstanding facilities with everything you need for a family beach day including restroom and shower facilities, picnic areas with grills, a snack bar, and dog washing stations for your pup! A short stretch of beach in front of the boardwalk is lifeguarded in the summer months for safe swimming and stress-free family beach days! 

On the topic of a stress-free beach day … there’s no need to cart around beach gear on vacation! Beach and Games to Go will deliver all your beach games and gear to your Kiawah Island vacation rental (including cargo wagons to haul it all!) and reserve your beach chairs and umbrellas with Island Beach Services and they’ll even set it up for you on the beach closest to your vacation rental boardwalk!


Kiawah’s Beachwalker Park is a beach paradise for everyone from sun-worshippers and beach bums to nature lovers and adventure seekers. Recreational activities range from kayaking and canoeing the tidal inlets, surf fishing or river fishing at Captain Sam’s Inlet, family surf lessons, and epic beach bike rides along the secluded and scenic shoreline.   

The Tide Chart is your best friend for the best beach day on Kiawah Island! Right after the high tide, the sand is hard-packed and perfect for a beach bike ride from the boardwalk at Beachwalker Park all the way to the Ocean Course on the east end of the island. Kiawah Exclusives partners with Surfscooter Bike Rentals to offer our guests bike rentals and tag-alongs made for the sandy beaches, delivered to your door, with a 5% discount for our guests.

The beaches on Kiawah Island are wild! It’s not uncommon to encounter pods of bottlenose dolphins playing in the ocean waves or strand-feeding at Captain Sam’s Inlet, white-tailed deer grazing in the sweet grass and sea oats, and Loggerhead sea turtles in the dunes during nesting season. If you’re in the right place, at the right time, you may even experience hundreds of tiny sea turtles taking their first steps into the warm Atlantic waters. For ultimate wildlife viewing, plan your bike ride or beach stroll for dusk or dawn – there’s no place more beautiful for wildlife viewing at sunrise or sunset than the beaches of Kiawah Island.


Dogs are allowed on the beaches of Kiawah Island year-round with strict rules and regulations in place to preserve the dunes and protect our local wildlife. The Town of Kiawah Island Beach Patrol regularly patrols the beaches and local ordinances are strictly enforced. Regardless of where you roam, owners must always remain with their pets, have the pet under voice control, and always carry a leash in case it is required. Electronic leashes are not allowed on Kiawah Island. 

Critical Habitat Area: Dogs are prohibited year-round in the critical habitat areas at Captain Sam’s inlet on the west end of the island and after the Ocean Course Clubhouse on the east end of the island. 

Dog Use Area: There is a designated dog-use area located in Vanderhorst Plantation between the eastern boundary of the Beach Club and the pedestrian access to the Ocean Course Clubhouse. Pets must be under strict voice control and must be leashed from 7 PM to 7 AM. 

Seasonal Dog Leash Area: On the other areas of Beachwalker Park, pets must be leashed at all times from March 16 to October 31, and may be off leash from 7 AM to 7 PM between November 1 and March 15.


Wherever you stay on Kiawah Island, you’ll find a boardwalk to Kiawah Beachwalker Park close to home! Kiawah Island comprises three unique neighborhoods: West Beach Village, East Beach Village, and the Vanderhorst Beach neighborhood with dozens of beach boardwalks leading from the private villa communities and luxury oceanfront homes to the beaches of Kiawah. 

Browse and book any of our luxury Kiawah Island villa and home rentals online or call our on-island team at (843) 768-0273 to help match you with the perfect home to find your beach paradise on Kiawah Island.

A Guide to Dolphin Watching on Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island is a natural haven for majestic Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Our warm South Carolina coastal waters boast a thriving and diverse ecosystem of wildlife-rich wetlands, waterways, and creeks teeming with beautiful birdlife, wildlife along the banks, and pods of playful, intelligent, and highly sociable Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Interacting with these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat is the best thing to do on Kiawah Island – and it’s a year-round treat! 

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are a familiar site on Kiawah Island year-round. The South Carolina coastline is home to a population of several hundred dolphins with a pod of around 25 dolphins playing in the ocean and waterways of Kiawah Island all year long. The dolphin population on Kiawah Island swells seasonally as migrating bottlenose dolphins seek warmer waters to hunt for food.


Dolphin sightings are easy on Kiawah Island. Our resident dolphins can be spotted right from the beach swimming in the warm Atlantic waters, gracefully meandering the rivers and creeks, or strand-feeding along the muddy banks at Captain Sam’s Inlet on the Kiawah River. Rent a beach cruiser or take an early morning sunrise stroll along the shoreline for the most fascinating dolphin-watching experience in the Lowcountry – strand feeding at Captain Sam’s Inlet. 

Kiawah Island is one of only a few destinations in the world you can experience the rare phenomenon of dolphins strand feeding. Strand feeding is a unique feeding behavior where dolphins collectively force fish to the shoreline and launch their bodies out of the water to gather their prey. Many of our guests have even had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing a mother teaching her baby to strand feed. 

The best time to witness strand feeding on Kiawah Island is early in the morning at low tide. Please note that it is illegal to touch dolphins, you are required to keep a distance of at least 500 yards by boat or 15 yards from the beach, and please keep your pets leashed.


You’ll find the perfect perch to dolphin watch from home with Kiawah Exclusives! Whether you’re lured by the sound of the ocean waves, the quiet of nature in the wetlands, or your own private dock on the Kiawah River, our exclusive collection of Kiawah Island vacation rentals includes a dream home for every dolphin lover. Browse and book online, or give our team a call so we can match you with the perfect home-away-from-home on Kiawah Island.


The best way to encounter Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins in their natural habitat is with a naturalist guide. Our local Kiawah Island guides have an intimate knowledge of the diverse habitats and behaviors of wild Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins – and know the best secret spots on Kiawah Island for dolphin viewing! However your choose to adventure, you’ll find a dolphin-watching tour on Kiawah Island to suit your style.

Night Heron Park

Kiawah Island

The Night Heron Park Nature Center is the Kiawah Island basecamp for guided eco-tours and a variety of boat charters and rentals. Cruise the rivers and creeks with a naturalist guide or pick up a rental for a self-guided tour from Mingo Point on the Kiawah River. Guided dolphin encounters are offered year-round.

Tidal Trails

Kiawah Island

Tidal Trails specialize in custom adventures to encounter the majestic natural inhabitants of Kiawah Island up close and personal. Experiences range from tranquil paddle adventures and cruises to powerboat rentals, wakeboarding, and water skiing instruction. Tidal Trails have on-island locations at Eagle Point, Rhett’s Bluff, Cinder Creek Boathouse, and Sandcastle Beach with daily or weekly rentals available.

Charleston Paddle Company

Kiawah River Bridge

The Charleston Paddle Company launch their signature Kiawah Island paddle board & kayak tours from the Kiawah River Bridge. Choose from nature-guided wildlife, full moon, and sunset tours through the Lowcountry marshlands, SUP Yoga, or learn-to-surf lessons for all ages. If you need a kayak, SUP, or surfboard rental, they’ll deliver to your rental, and pick up for free.

Water Dog Paddle Co.

Bohicket Marina

The Water Dog Paddle Co. at Bohicket Marina offers interactive eco-adventure kayak and SUP tours on the saltwater marshes of Kiawah and Seabrook Island, rentals to explore at your own pace, and on-water yoga on Trophy Lake on Johns Island. Paddle tours launch from the Kiawah Island Bridge, a half-mile before the entrance to the island.

Sonny Boy Charters

Bohicket Marina

Captain Brad of Sonny Boy Charters is a certified United States Coastguard Captain and Realtor who has been sailing the coastal waters of South Carolina since a young boy. With 30+ years of experience on our local waters, Sonny Boy Charters are top-rated for Kiawah Island nearshore and inshore fishing charters, scenic sunset tours, and guided dolphin eco-tours from Bohicket Marina.

Captain Jack’s Sailing & Dolphin Watching

Bohicket Marina

Climb aboard Palmetto Tide for sailing adventures with Captain Jack. Locally owned and operated since 1991, Captain Jack’s Sailing offer half-day and full-day eco-tours from Bohicket Marina, customized your way! Sail the pristine Edisto River or the Atlantic Ocean, ride a rubber dingy to picnic and beachcomb on Shell Island, fish with the family, or set sail into the sunset. However you choose to experience Palmetto Tide, dolphin encounters are almost guaranteed along the way.

Lil Darlin’ Charters

St. Johns Marina

Captain Lindsay of Lil Darlin’ Charters is a lifelong resident of Charleston with an in-depth knowledge of the Lowcountry waterways and a passion for fishing! Head out from St. Johns Marina on the Stono River for an inshore fishing charter or shark fishing trip, or cruise the creeks or harbor searching for Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Family memories you’ll never forget!  

Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

There are many ways to support the protection of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins along the South Carolina coastline. Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network is a local nonprofit focused on protecting the marine mammals in the Greater Charleston Area and has volunteer programs to get involved, local events, and outreaches to educate visitors on our local dolphins. You can even adopt a local dolphin

Kiawah Island Grocery Shopping & Services 

Thinking about traveling to Kiawah Island? Who wouldn’t love miles of sun-kissed beaches, the soothing sounds of crashing waves, the anticipation of lazy afternoons lounging under an umbrella (or napping by the pool), and spending long, uninterrupted stretches of quality time with your nearest and dearest?! As you wind closer to the beautiful shoreline of Kiawah Island, all you can think about is sinking your toes into the sand and diving into the crystal clear water, but there’s one last obstacle on your pathway to the beach – grocery shopping for your vacation.

For some, strolling leisurely down unfamiliar aisles becomes an exciting adventure in itself, for others, it’s a necessary evil and ghastly chore best left behind when relaxing on vacation. The good news, on Kiawah Island you can customize your grocery experience to suit your vacation vibe – bulk shop before arriving, hop on your bike and explore the local markets, or leave the work to a professional concierge delivery service and arrive at a vacation villa fully stocked with your favorites! 


The Nest Market | Café

Location: Night Heron Park, 4000 Sea Forest Dr, Kiawah Island

Phone: (843) 768-2775

Hours: Daily 7 AM to 9 PM

View Cafe Menu HERE

Nestled in the heart of Night Heron Park in East Beach Village, the Nest Market & Café is the local neighborhood grocery store on Kiawah Island. Here you’ll find a well-stocked selection of groceries including fresh produce, pantry staples, fresh-baked goods, convenient grab-and-go options, packed picnics, beer, and a big selection of wine. On-site dining is also available indoors or out on the peaceful wrap-around porch shaded by Night Heron Park’s ancient live oaks.

The Village Market by Harris Teeter

Location: Freshfields Village, 515 Freshfields Dr, Kiawah Island

Phone: (843) 243-3276

Hours: Daily 6 AM to 11 PM

The Village Market at Freshfields Village is the largest grocery store near Kiawah Island and will cover all your food and pharmacy needs, with Instacart delivery options available! The Village Market offers a fresh farmers market section with local produce, fresh Lowcountry seafood, an excellent range of local cheeses, beers, and wine, grab-and-go meals, and a hot deli section for a picnic on the Village Green. You can get your Starbucks fix here too!

The Station Deli

Location: Freshfields Village, 225 Freshfields Drive, Kiawah Island

Phone: (843) 768-4567

Monday – Friday 6:30 AM to 9 PM
Saturday & Sunday 6:30 AM to 8 PM
Deli Open Daily 6:30 AM to 3 PM

View Deli Menu HERE

The Station is conveniently located right at the entrance to Freshfields Village, and on the paved bike path extending from Kiawah and Seabrook Island! The Station offers a 24/7 gas station with 8 filling stations, an environmentally friendly carwash, a convenience store with a large selection of beer and wine, and a gourmet deli open daily. The Station Deli has a grab-and-go line with sandwiches and salads and a full breakfast and lunch menu if you have extra time to dine in.

Vincent’s Drug Store

Location: Freshfields Village, 110 Planted Row Lane, Kiawah Island

Phone: (843) 243-0007

Pharmacy Hours: 
Monday – Friday 9 AM to 6:30 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM 
Closed Sunday 

Vincent’s Drug Store at Freshfields Village is no ordinary drugstore! Vincent’s combines innovative pharmacy technology with the nostalgic atmosphere of an old-school soda fountain, excellent service, and welcoming southern hospitality. The drugstore offers an extensive selection of over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, and personal care items, with on-site pharmacists for personalized advice and prescriptions.


Kiawah Spirits

Location: Freshfields Village, 615 Freshfields Drive, Kiawah Island

Phone: (843) 718-1978

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM

Tastings: Every Friday & Saturday

Click HERE for tastings & special events

If you’re looking for a local liquor store to stock your vacation villa wet bar, head over to Kiawah Spirits while shopping at Freshfields Village. Kiawah Spirits stock the top 200 spirit brands in the US including 110 small-batch bourbons and ryes, over 100 single malt scotches, and 60+ local spirits including almost all spirits from local Charleston distilleries. If you’re searching for a rare Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, or Gin, they’ll order it for you. Kiawah Spirits are closed on Sundays by SC state law.

FortyEight Wine Bar

Location: Freshfields Village, 547 Freshfields Village Drive, Kiawah Island

Phone: (843) 768-2245

Retail Store Hours: 
Monday – Thursday 11 AM to 9 PM
Friday – Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM
Sunday 12 PM to 9 PM

Fancy a fine wine instead? After stocking up at Kiawah Spirits, head next door to FortyEight, a high-tech wine bar, restaurant, and retail store with over 1,000 labels from every varietal and major wine region of the world, and craft beers available to go! Their new SmartCard wine stations feature full-color, high-definition, touchscreens for tastings in three sizes – 1 oz, 3 oz, or 6 oz, with a team of sommeliers to ensure you purchase the perfect wines to take home. Searching for cigars? FortyEight Wine Bar has a humidor with a selection of premium cigars available to purchase.


Freshfields Village Farmers’ Market

Location: The Village Green at Freshfields Village

Distance: 2.6 miles from Kiawah Island Gate

Date: Every Monday June 5 to August 28, 2023

Time: 3 PM to 7 PM 

The summer season on Kiawah Island brings our local Farmers Market to the Village Green at Freshfields Village. Mark your calendars for Monday afternoon, take a bike ride to Freshfields, and enjoy an authentic Lowcountry shopping experience picking up fresh organic produce, sweet and savory treats, and authentic Lowcountry products, arts, and crafts from local vendors. From homemade sweetgrass baskets and Charleston spices to Gullah-inspired delicacies, you’ll love shopping at Freshfields Village Farmers’ Market. 

The Market at Storey Farms

Location: 4104 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy, Johns Island

Distance: 3.7 miles from Kiawah Island Gate

Phone: (843) 243-4040

Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Closed Sunday & Monday in winter 

Located 2-miles from the Kiawah-Seabrook traffic circle and Freshfields Village, The Market at Storey Farms is a wonderful farm to table market experience with a quaint set up of two containers flanking a tent-covered, open-air market in between. Storey Farms is a treasure trove of locally sourced products with assorted meats and fresh milk from the farm, shelves brimming with homemade breads, pantry staples, locally crafted cheeses, and mouthwatering pies from St. Honoré Pastry, a Charleston favorite! 

Rosebank Farms Market

Location: 3883 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy, Johns Island

Distance: 4.4 miles from Kiawah Island Gate

Phone: (843) 768-0508

Hours: Daily 9 AM to 6 PM
Seasonal April through Christmas

Owned and operated for 30+ years by Charleston natives (and Kiawah Island icons!), Sidi Limehouse and Louise Bennett, Rosebank Farms’ 75-acre farm is known throughout the Lowcountry for quality produce. For summer 2023, the Rosebank Farms Market will be in a new location at the entrance to the Kiawah River waterfront community, still selling quality fruit and veggies, fresh flowers, southern seafood, locally produced grits, organic honey, Storey Farm eggs, and local cheeses like Clemson’s renowned Blue Cheese, a tasty classic of the South. 


Publix Supermarket at West Ashley Place

Location: 3642 Savannah Hwy, Johns Island

Phone: (843) 573-8734

Store Hours: 
Daily 7 AM to 10 PM

Pharmacy Hours: 
Monday – Friday 9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM
Sunday 9 AM to 7 PM

If you prefer to pack the grocery shopping into one bulk shop, you can make a midway stop from Charleston, or order ahead for in-store or curbside pickup, at Publix Supermarket at West Ashley Place. This Publix Supermarket and Pharmacy is conveniently located 11 miles from Charleston International Airport, at the intersection of Hwy 17 and Bohicket Rd to Kiawah and Seabrook Island.


Groceries Ahead

Phone: (843) 216-7630

Prefer to shop online vs. in line? Groceries Ahead have a simple process to shop over 3,000 products online – create an account and shop, check out with your delivery address, check-in time, and rental agency, and arrive at a vacation rental fully stocked with groceries, bathroom and beach essentials, beer, wine, and liquor – Grocery shopping on Kiawah Island has never been easier! This is also the perfect option if you’re arriving late on Saturday – remember there are no liquor sales in SC on a Sunday! A service fee of $100 applies for deliveries to Kiawah Island. 

Delivery Boy

Phone: (843) 212-7040

Hours: Monday – Saturday 4 PM to 9 PM

Delivery Boy is a locally owned and operated delivery service bringing Lowcountry cuisine from Kiawah Island’s favorite restaurants right to the doorstep of your vacation villa –  they’ll even deliver to the beach! Local restaurants serviced by Delivery Boy include La Tela Pizzeria, FortyEight Wine Bar + Kitchen, Fuji Sushi, and Jersey Mike’s Subs at Freshfields Village, as well as Fisher’s and Salty Dog Cafe at Bohicket Marina. In the spirit of supporting local, check out their D.A.D Fund (delivery and a donation!)

Questions about Kiawah Island? Browse our exclusive collection of Kiawah Island vacation rentals, explore the best of Kiawah Island in our Exclusives Guide, get travel tips from our Vacation Blog, or call our team of expert vacation planners at (843) 768-0273 to customize your stay.

Why Support Local Businesses at Freshfields Village?

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy, and supporting local business in Kiawah is so important to keeping the charm alive in this small beach town! Kiawah offers visitors a perfect balance of natural Lowcountry beauty, southern charm, and world-class resort amenities. Explore the island on 30 miles of paved trails through acres of scenic landscapes of untouched maritime forests, tidal creeks, and captivating lagoons. Tee off on one of five award-winning golf courses, master your tennis skills at our world-class tennis facility, or simply switch to island time on 10 miles of pristine sandy beaches along the Atlantic coastline.

There’s no shortage of dining and shopping on Kiawah Island. Indulge in classic Lowcountry cuisine, signature seafood dishes, or embrace the island style and shop for new beach wear. Wherever you stay on Kiawah Island, you’re only a short bike ride away from Freshfields Village, a charming open-air shopping destination with a diverse selection of high-end stores, salons and spas, cafes and restaurants, and family-friendly events throughout the year.

Our favorite stores and restaurants here on Kiawah Island are home-grown. They were started here in the Lowcountry and showcase our local community culture. Kiawah Island is full of Lowcountry southern charm, with plenty to share! Stop by Freshfields Village to shop locally and bring home a piece of the Island.

Restaurants & Bars

Cafe Eugenia

A cafe and gourmet market, named after Kiawah Island’s historic avenue, using locally sourced ingredients to offer an ever-changing assortment of salads, sandwiches, cheese and charcuterie boards, takeaway meals, drinks, and more.


The highlight of FortyEight is the ability to taste their 48 featured wines every day. Using the interactive WineStations, you are able to get a sample taste, a half glass, or a full glass of any of their 48 exceptional wines, just by inserting your FortyEight SmartCard.

In addition, there are many wines and craft beers to choose from and a wonderful selection of craft cocktails! Their menu features local, regional, and international cheeses, savory charcuterie platters, seasonal salads and paninis, flavorful entrees and flatbreads, local artisan chocolates, and delightful and tempting sweets.


For classic French cuisine in a casual, inviting atmosphere, visit Hege’s Restaurant. Offering dinner six days a week and weekend breakfast, Hege’s menu features fresh, seasonal, local products prepared in light, natural sauces.

Java Java

An independently owned coffee shop located in Freshfields Village – the heart of Kiawah and Seabrook Island. The coffee beans are locally sourced from the award-winning King Bean Coffee Roasters in Charleston, SC. Java Java offers a variety of pastries, some baked in-house and others provided from a local bakery Sweets & Treats. Their breakfast and lunch options are made to order with fresh ingredients.

Kiawah Spirits

Kiawah Spirits offers a wide range of classic spirits with exceptional personal service. There are over 60 local spirits, over 110 small batch bourbons and ryes, and over 100 single malt scotches for purchase.

La Tela Pizzeria

La Tela Pizzeria is a locally owned and operated Neapolitan style pizzeria with a casual and family-friendly atmosphere. The open kitchen features a wood-fired oven and a pasta machine from Italy. They make all pasta, pizza dough, bread and mozzarella in-house. The menu consists of traditional Italian dishes, simple salads and specialty pizzas. They do not take reservations, so bring your party anytime, no matter the size.

The Co-Op

Founded on Sullivan’s Island in 2012, The Co-Op is a grab-and-go beach bodega serving breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, coffee, and of course, the famous house-made frosé. The Co-Op is an experience. It’s a lifestyle. It is the tranquil sounds of waves crashing. It is the weight off your shoulders on the first day of vacation. Come connect with The Co-Op!

The Station

A convenience store for island residents and guests, The Station offers a gas station, environmentally friendly car wash, and a gourmet deli. The menu features traditional breakfast, as well as lunchtime classics like corned beef Reubens, club sandwiches, chicken fingers, French fries, and more. The Station Cheeseburger is a local favorite! Fresh coffee, fountain sodas, snacks, and a large selection of beer and wine are always available. The gas island offers 8 filling stations, gasoline and diesel, and easy access in and out of Freshfields Village.

Vincent’s Drug Store & Soda Fountain

Vincent’s Drug Store & Soda Fountain combines an old-fashioned atmosphere with innovative pharmacy technology. The drugstore boasts an extensive selection of vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications, as well as personal care items, small gifts, greeting cards, and classic board games.

Take a step back in time at the soda fountain which features all the classics from root beer floats and malts, to banana splits and sundaes. For something more substantial, try a cheeseburger, hot dog, corn-dog, or chicken sandwich. Vincent’s Drugstore prides itself on making memories for generations to come while providing excellent service in pharmacy care.

Gift Shops & Specialty Stores

Doin’ the Charleston

Doin’ the Charleston is the Lowcountry destination for gourmet foods, gifts, accessories for entertaining, custom gift baskets, and the largest selection of beach music CD’s on the coast.


Looking for the best products for your pet? Look to Dolittle’s. With over 20 years of experience, this award-winning store knows how to help you pamper your pet. Dolittle’s offers top quality toys, treats, collars, beds, and so much more.

Holly & Brooks

Holly & Brooks is a local women’s clothing, shoe, and accessory boutique offering high-quality selections and superior service. Whether you are looking for a bold, colorful beach bag or a pair of earrings to make your outfit pop, Holly & Brooks will provide special attention to everything on your shopping list.

Indigo Books

One of the few remaining independent bookstores in the state, Indigo Books offers a wide selection of domestic and international fiction, mysteries, and classics. Biographies, history, politics, sports, science, and nature titles fill the nonfiction shelves. Southern authors and local interest books, children’s and young adult books, travel and cooking titles round out the incredible selection.

They also offer greeting cards, stationery, gift wrap, and paper tableware. Blank journals, office supplies, jigsaw and pencil puzzles complete the mix.

Islands Mercantile

Islands Mercantile captures the relaxed look and feel of the islands with a wide selection of the finest logo apparel for Kiawah and Seabrook guests, plus tees, fleece wear, toys and gifts for adults and children. Enjoy the laid back atmosphere, Southern hospitality, incredible selection, and service.

Palmetto Scent Studio

Waft into the studio to select the pre-made gourmet soy wax candles we pour on-site or explore the art of fragrance by creating your own custom scent! Explore over 120 fragrances, then sit at our fragrance bar and let our friendly staff help you come up with a mix you’ll love. Add your personal touch by selecting from a variety of containers and designing a label.

Patricia Reno Huff Gallery & Art Studio

The gallery features original artwork by local artist, Patricia Reno Huff. In addition, group and private classes are offered in oil, watercolor, and pastel. For a schedule of classes and more information, contact the artist by email.

SeaCoast Sports and Outfitters

SeaCoast Sports and Outfitters is an island-focused sports store providing an assortment of goods for golf, fishing, canoeing/kayaking, bicycling, and the beach. In addition to equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories, they also offer bike and kayak rentals, and just about anything else a guest would need.

Stay Near Freshfields Village

Kiawah Exclusives offers an exclusive collection of 105+ Kiawah Island condos, villas, cottages, and private vacation homes, many of which are in close proximity to Freshfields Village! Whether you prefer to bike, walk, or drive from your vacation home, you’ll be sure to love your stay with Kiawah Exclusives.

You can customize your stay with a choice of cozy condos, luxury villas, and private free-standing cottages – all with easy access to Kiawah Island’s 10-miles of beautiful beaches. Our exclusive selection of Kiawah Island vacation rentals also includes spacious and private Kiawah family homes with swimming pools & spas, indoor & outdoor entertainment areas, private beach boardwalks, and all the essentials for the perfect vacation on Kiawah Island.

6 Best Fishing Locations On Kiawah Island

When it comes to natural beauty and coastal charm, few destinations can compete with Kiawah Island, a beautifully preserved and unspoiled barrier island nestled between the Kiawah River and Atlantic Ocean. Ranked one of the top fishing destinations on the East Coast, Kiawah Island delivers a great Lowcountry fishing experience for all fishing enthusiasts in all four seasons. 

Kiawah Island’s diverse and incredible ecosystem includes 10 miles of pristine beaches, freshwater and brackish ponds, saltwater rivers, and serene marshlands teeming with fish and wildlife. Local fish species include redfish, spotted sea trout, flounder, rays, and sharks with big game fish like tuna, grouper, snapper, and marlin regularly caught in the offshore waters. Unless you’re fishing with a certified charter captain, a fishing license is required on Kiawah Island even for the private docks and fishing ponds. 

Whether you’re seeking to cast your line from a quiet dock or the thrill of reeling in a trophy marlin offshore, we’ve got you covered with the top fishing spots on Kiawah Island. 

1. Beachwalker Park

Combine a classic beach day with surf fishing at Kiawah Island’s Beachwalker Park, ranked one of the best beaches in the US for 2022 by Dr. Beach! Beachwalker Park is public, pet-friendly and a popular spot for surf fishing on the South Carolina coastline with miles of uncrowded scenic shoreline to sit back, cast a line, and wait for a bite. Surf fishing is always best on a rising tide so be sure to check the local tide charts before you head out – or stay steps from the Beachwalker Park boardwalks with Kiawah Exclusives for a daily surf check from home!

2. Kiawah River

Kiawah Island is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and thriving Kiawah River with oyster banks, tidal creeks and salt marshes abounding in saltwater fish species, and Kiawah’s local wildlife. One of the best fishing spots on Kiawah Island is at the Kiawah River inlet near the west end of Beachwalker Park – you may even witness Kiawah’s local dolphin pods fishing for their own food at Captain Sams Inlet. Captain Sams Inlet on the Kiawah River is one of the few places in the world where you can experience the spectacular phenomenon of dolphin’s strand feeding.

3. Night Heron Park

Night Heron Park lies in the heart of Kiawah Island’s East Beach Village and is a central hub for outdoor adventure and nature activities on the island, including fun on-island fishing adventures. The Night Heron Pond near the Heron Park Nature Center is fully stocked with a community fishing dock making it a top spot for family fishing with the kids. Night Heron Park has resident alligators, so always fish from the docks and bridges, not from the banks, and do not reach into the water. Stop by the Heron Park Nature Center for a wide selection of nature tours and family-friendly fishing activities and charters

4. Bass Pond Fishing Dock

There are 60+ ponds and lagoons on Kiawah Island, fully stocked with freshwater fish such as bass, bream, tilapia, and carp. The Bass Pond Fishing Dock is situated near Rhett’s Bluff, through the second gates to Vanderhorst Plantation, and is one of the best ponds for fishing on Kiawah Island. Other popular Kiawah fishing ponds in Vanderhorst include Egret Pond, Canvasback Pond, and Blue Heron Pond. Blue Heron Pond is also a top spot for crabbing on Kiawah Island and be sure to take a break from fishing to climb the observation tower for a 360-degree view of Kiawah’s tranquil landscapes.

5. Bohicket Marina

Bohicket Marina & Market is located between Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island and ranks as one of the best marinas in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Sail to Kiawah Island and dock at Bohicket Marina, book a guided fishing charter at the Boat Club, or rent a boat for a self-guided fishing excursion along the backwaters of the Edisto River and Bohicket Creek. Don’t be too hasty to head back home! Crack a cold one and snack on fresh seafood at Salty Dog Café while savoring one of the best Lowcountry sunsets ever at Bohicket Marina!

6. Kiawah Island Fishing Charters

Whether you’re learning to fish, on a family fishing vacation, or an expert angler looking for a challenge, nothing beats fishing with a local expert on Kiawah Island. Kiawah Island’s guided fishing charters and boat tours are run by tournament winning captains with years of experience fishing the Lowcountry waters and knowledge of the best secret fishing spots on Kiawah. 

From inshore fishing charters and epic shark fishing in the channels and creeks to full day deep sea adventures on the offshore sandbars, wrecks and artificial reefs, the ultimate fishing experience awaits on Kiawah Island. Search our Exclusives Guide to find a fishing charter to match your level of adventure!

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